Timothy Ring

Zone Manager, Leading Retail Automotive Repair Company

“In the flat rate sector of this business time is money and any tool that will save time is a tool that will save/make money. In a few of the shops where we tested the Kirk Wrench it proved that it could get to areas on a car that regular wrenches cannot.”—Timothy Ring

“I oversee 121 retail automotive repair shops and the majority of my technicians feel this would cut their flat rate time by 20% on most repairs, which means 20% more pay in their pockets and in the companies’ pockets.”—Timothy Ring

“The technicians love the fact it will work in conjunction with their existing sockets and extensions.”—Timothy Ring

“Over the last 20 years the cars we work on have changed dramatically but the wrenches we have available haven’t really changed at all. The newer cars have tighter spaces to deal with and in most cases you have to take off many parts just to get to the part you need to replace. The Kirk Wrench can help solve this problem.”—Timothy Ring

Dave Frank

Maintenance Manager, Leading Gourmet Pie Manufacturer

“I have worked in the maintenance field for over 30 years and when I first saw the Kirk Wrench I knew that it really could save some time and money.”—Dave Frank

“With today’s technology and changes to machinery, getting into tight spaces has become more difficult. Kirk brought his prototypes to our facility and it proved that it could get to areas in some of our newer machinery that existing tools cannot.”—Dave Frank

“With this tool we can get around parts to reach a fastener instead of removing the part.”—Dave Frank

“In my business time is money especially when a machine is down. Overall, I believe this tool is so versatile that it will certainly save my guys time and money by making repairs faster.”—Dave Frank

Van Fidler

Master Plumber, Owner of VFX Plumbing

“I have been a plumber for over 30 years and haven’t seen a new tool like the Kirk Wrench for a long time.”—Van Fidler

“My company does everything from commercial to residential including repairs and new construction.”—Van Fidler

“We replace and install compression shut off valves daily and after using the Kirk Wrench it cut the install time in half. It saves even more time when it is nearly impossible to get a wrench to hold the valve.”—Van Fidler

“The wrench definitely makes the user re-think how a tool can be used. The more I think about it the more applications I can see it being used for.”—Van Fidler

“If the tool were commercially available I would buy a set to put on every one of my trucks.”—Van Fidler

Michael Pipernea

Owner Alpha Motorsports

“My business specializes in modifying mostly high performance vehicles to get more horsepower and performance. I always work in confined spaces changing turbos, fuel lines and many other parts. The tool would definitely save me time.”—Michael Pipernea

“I recently got into a jamb with a leaking fuel line. Unfortunately, I did not have the Kirk Wrench prototype because if I did I could have attached a crowsfoot to the arc to get to the line. Instead, I had to remove another part two times to fix the leak. Just in that situation, the wrench could have saved me more that one-hour of labor.”—Michael Pipernea

“Because the wrench is so versatile it would be a great addition to my toolbox. I definitely would use the tool weekly if not daily.”—Michael Pipernea

Kirk Wrench LLC

GroundBreaking Patent Pending

Can do the easy jobs as well as the tough.