About The KirkWrench®

The Kirk Wrench was originally designed to solve the difficult problem of installing and repairing straight compression shut off valves in confined spaces under sinks, inside cabinets and behind toilets.

Throughout the evolution of the Kirk Wrench, there have been many twists and turns. After extensive research and development, the Kirk Wrench is not only a specialized plumbing tool—it is a mechanics tool, as well. The Kirk Wrench makes what is currently impossible using conventional tools in plumbing & mechanics by reaching areas even suitable for automotive repair along with the industrial & aerospace markets.

The Kirk Wrench is completely modular and has at least 120 definitive positions. Along with the endless possibilities of angles using the different arcs & attachments, the Kirk Wrench can even be disassembled into a regular ratchet wrench or static handle.

The Kirk Wrench can use a variety of standard attachments already in a mechanic or homeowner’s toolbox such as…

  • Sockets
  • Hex keys
  • Crowfoot
  • Ratchet Adapters

…to name a few!

If it is a standard SAE 1/4, 3/8 or 1/2 inch adaptor, the Kirk Wrench will comply.

The revolutionary new Kirk Wrench lends itself as an essential in everyone’s toolbox & does the amazing job of lightening the load all across the board. Because this tool simplifies the amount of tools a person needs & shape shifts to fit any compartment with its extremely comfortable grip-handle, its new revolutionary design changes the way tradespeople both build their devices & maintain them.

It is now possible to create more intricate machines, furniture, houses, and other elements of architecture & design to transform the way we think about our fast-growing technological world. Whether we are building objects safer, more beautiful, or simply more compact, the Kirk Wrench gets the job done faster and smarter than any other handheld tool ever made.

Kirk Wrench LLC

GroundBreaking Patent Pending

Proven to go where other wrenches cannot.